Wisrah Villefort, 2021

Wisrah Villefort (Buritizeiro, 1989) is a mixed-race individual with African, Indigenous Brazilian, and European roots. Currently, they live and work in São Paulo, Brazil. Within their work, the artist incorporates sound, sculpture, text, photography, score, instruction, and video in installations, mixed and hypermedia pieces exploring the relationship between the concepts of nature and capital. In their more recent online work, EEE (2021), Villefort relocated an existing map that allows the visitor to track the geolocation of many vessels around the world to conceive a hypermedia work that addresses the flux of commodities that once started with the colonization of where is now called the Americas. During the «Quilombo» Project, Wisrah focused on their ongoing research towards the colonial structures that still to this day inform some of the dynamics of communities made vulnerable, human and non-human.

20. October 2021

SALTS (CH), Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), and Lago Mio Lugano artist residency (CH), in collaboration with Culturescapes 2021 Amazonia, are delighted to announce the exhibition opening of the tri-continental project «Quilombo» a …mehr

19. May 2021

Exhibition opening at Lago Mio artist residency Public talk at MASI LAC (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana) The comprehensive annual exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Final presentation» including a public talk at MASI Lugano was canceled …mehr

07. April 2021

PRESS RELEASE Open Call for the tri-continental project «Quilombo» Deadline: April 30 | Selection: May 7 | Residency: August–October | Exhibition: 29 October 2021 SALTS (CH), Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), and Lago Mio Lugan …mehr