Maya Quilolo, 2021

Maya Quilolo (BRA, physical resident in the project «Quilombo») (*1994) was born in a quilombola community in Minas Gerais. Maya graduated in Anthropology and Audiovisual in Belo Horizonte. She acts in the interchange between performance arts, visual arts, and cultural diversity – interested in multidisciplinary investigations that address the potential of the black body. Her Research explores water as an element that connects different people, countries, organisms. For the performance Ìpòrì (2019, Nigeria) she crossed the Atlantic carrying water from South American rivers to the African continent – in order to express the transatlantic relationships. Maya’s work is inspired by shamanistic techniques of the indigenous peoples from the Amazon, relating water as an element in connection with life, fertility, ancestry, the Atlantic crossing, and the diaspora. Photo Maya Quilolo, Yamins. Ebó. Cachoeira, 2021

20. October 2021

SALTS (CH), Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), and Lago Mio Lugano artist residency (CH), in collaboration with Culturescapes 2021 Amazonia, are delighted to announce the exhibition opening of the tri-continental project «Quilombo» a …mehr

19. May 2021

Exhibition opening at Lago Mio artist residency Public talk at MASI LAC (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana) The comprehensive annual exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Final presentation» including a public talk at MASI Lugano was canceled …mehr

07. April 2021

PRESS RELEASE Open Call for the tri-continental project «Quilombo» Deadline: April 30 | Selection: May 7 | Residency: August–October | Exhibition: 29 October 2021 SALTS (CH), Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), and Lago Mio Lugan …mehr